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MindManager 2020 for Windows & MindManager Enterprise Press Kit

MindManager® 2020 for Windows provides individuals and teams a powerful way to visualize and take control of their projects, tasks, and data. Integrating directly with the applications and platforms businesses rely on, MindManager 2020 offers a new real-time collaboration add-on, improved resource management tools for simplified project planning, enhanced mapping and visualization tools, and new Excel integrations. MindManager helps organizations centralize their data to streamline processes and workflows.

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MindManager for Mac 13 Press Kit

MindManager for Mac 13 provides a central hub where teams can visually take control of their projects, tasks, and data for business success. Providing tools to transform information into intuitive visual diagrams, plus mobile apps to capture information and view maps on the fly, MindManager® supports better decision making with the seamless flow of ideas.

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Press Releases

April 29th, 2020
MindManager for Mac 13 Simplifies Complex Information for Better Projects and Results

September 25th, 2019
MindManager 2020 Connects People, Data, and Platforms

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