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MapMarkerGroups Collection

The MapMarkerGroups object is a collection of Map Marker Groups, representing the Map Markers that can be deployed in this document.

Map Markers belong to a document, and are unique to that document. When a new document is created from a template (which all documents are), it acquires the default set of Map Markers from the template. Any changes made to the Map Markers from that point onward remain private to that document. There is no global set of map markers that are inherited by all MindManager documents. A Map Marker Set can be transferred to another document by exporting it as a MMS file then applying it to another map, or via direct manipulation of the map markers in the API.

The complete description of Map Markers within a document falls into two areas: the markers that are defined in the local Map Marker Set, and the markers that are deployed in the map. When deployed on a topic in a map, only enough information is stored in the topic to relate this marker with its definition in the Map Marker Set. Additional properties such as the legend for a map marker are defined only in the Map Marker Set, and not on every topic that uses that marker. This is so that it is easier to change the legend of a map marker in one place only, and so that if the topic is copied to a different map, then the creation of multiple legends for the same marker is avoided. It is also possible for markers to be deployed in a map that are not defined in the map marker set; these are known as "dynamic" markers, and while they are visible in the Map Marker Set task pane (as grayed-out text), they are not enumerated in the map marker set collection. The only way to positively identify dynamic markers in a map is to scan the map, looking for markers on topics that do not appear in the map marker set. Dynamic markers can be created in a number of ways; by copying and pasting topics from other maps with different marker sets, by inserting Map Parts, or in specific cases by assigning topic properties from the ribbon or a task pane. For example, assigning a random topic fill color from the Home ribbon tab creates an unnamed dynamic fill color marker.

The markers in the Map Marker set are organized in Groups, where all the markers in a certain Group share some common characteristics or behavior. Most of the groups are always present (the mandatory groups) and some of them can be added or deleted by the user. For the mandatory groups, only markers of a certain type can be added.

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