MindManager Object Model v20.0.334
Relationship Object

A Relationship object is one of the DocumentObject types, and represents a link between topics or boundaries in a map. A Relationship can link two topics, two boundaries, or a topic to a boundary.

The meaning of the link is not usually explicit and will depend on the user's intentions. In the case of maps depicting tasks, the relationship can be used to indicate a task dependency.

All relationships have two ends (connected objects), and a relationship cannot exist unless it is connected to a qualifying DocumentObject at both ends. Visually, the "direction" of a relationship is easy to see, but this is more complex to deduce programmatically, because the designation of which end is the "local" topic or boundary depends on the way that the relationship was created. So even if you access a relationship from one of its connected objects, you do not know whether this object is ConnectedObject1 or ConnectedObject2. These designations remain constant regardless of how the Relationship is accessed, either from one of the connected objects or globally through the Range object. Some additional code is always necessary to determine which is the "local" and which is the "remote" end.

Object Model
Relationship ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectCustomAttributes ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectDocumentObject ObjectCustomAttributes ObjectDocument ObjectDocumentObject ObjectCustomAttributes ObjectDocument ObjectDocument ObjectBackgroundObjects CollectionBackgroundObject ObjectDataModelObjectsSets CollectionDataModelObjectsSet ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectCustomAttributes ObjectDocumentBackground ObjectBaselines ObjectCalendar ObjectTopic ObjectDocumentBars CollectionDocumentBar ObjectExternalDocument ObjectFilter ObjectDocumentObject ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectCustomAttributes ObjectDocumentObject ObjectGraphicExport ObjectMapMarkerGroups CollectionMapMarkerGroup CollectionTransaction ObjectDocumentProperties ObjectRange CollectionDocumentObject ObjectSelection CollectionDocumentObject ObjectSlides CollectionSlide ObjectTopicStyles CollectionTopicStyle ObjectBackgroundObjects CollectionBackgroundObject ObjectDataModelObjectsSets CollectionDataModelObjectsSet ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectTopic ObjectDocumentWindow ObjectIXmlTransformationContext InterfaceCustomAttributes ObjectColor ObjectSynchronization ObjectTopics CollectionTopic Object
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IDocumentObject Interface
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