MindManager Object Model v20.0.334
Topics Collection

A Topics collection contains one or more Topic objects. The contents of the collection depend on which property was used to access it.

Object Model
Topics CollectionTopic ObjectTopic ObjectTopic ObjectTopic ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectIcons CollectionIcon ObjectRelationships CollectionRelationship ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectAttachments CollectionAttachment ObjectCustomAttributes ObjectBoundary ObjectBusinessTopic ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectTopicConditionalFormattingSettings ObjectBoundary ObjectHyperlink ObjectHyperlink ObjectHyperlink ObjectImage ObjectDataContainer ObjectDocument ObjectExternalTopic ObjectColor ObjectTextFont ObjectFormulas CollectionFormula ObjectFrame ObjectCustomAttributes ObjectHyperlink ObjectHyperlinks CollectionHyperlink ObjectIcons CollectionIcon ObjectImage ObjectColor ObjectTopicFinder ObjectTopic ObjectNotes ObjectBoundary ObjectRelationship ObjectTopic ObjectTopic ObjectRelationships CollectionRelationship ObjectReviewComments CollectionReviewComment ObjectShape ObjectSketch ObjectStyle ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectSubTopicsLayout ObjectSynchronization ObjectTask ObjectColor ObjectTextLabels CollectionTextLabel ObjectTitle ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectRelationships CollectionRelationship ObjectTopics CollectionTopic ObjectIcons CollectionIcon Object
To add a new subtopic to a tree, a topic is added to the topics collection that represents the subtopics of the parent topic. To add a floating topic to a map, a topic is added to the topics collection representing the floating topics belonging to the document. These topic collections share the same characteristics, but are retrieved with different properties.
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