MindManager Object Model v20.0.334
Transaction Object
MindManager Transaction

A Transaction object speeds up large scale updates to maps. It makes an execution callback and suppresses updates to the UI while this callback is running. Modifying the map during this callback will (should) not cause any updates to the UI until the transaction is committed or the callback exits. Changes made in a transaction can also be undone in a single Undo command.


Even though MindManager should not be making any updates to the UI, you may still see spelling errors on invisible topics being underlined, and activity in Task Panes.

If more than one Transaction exists concurrently for a document, when one is committed (either with the Commit method or by completing), the other Transactions will also be committed and will update the map.

If your transaction also makes updates to private data held by the add-in, or makes updates to more than one map, you should suppress it from the Undo queue in the User Interface by clearing the Transaction.Undo property before starting the transaction. It is better to deny the user the option of undoing it, than to allow a partial undo which leaves the map and add-in in an unsynchronized state.

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