Why are we discontinuing these products if customers are still using them?

The decision to fully sunset these products this year is based on multiple connected factors:

  1. The end of major browser support for Flash

    Our legacy collaboration platform runs on Adobe Flash. Chrome, Edge, and Firefox have all announced plans to discontinue their support of Flash by the end of this year. This will effectively disable the products for anyone still using them.

    We want to give our users ample time to migrate off the platform before their preferred browser takes this action, so they can avoid a sudden work disruption and/or loss of data.

  2. The availability of Co-Editing

    The introduction of Co-Editing in MindManager 2020 for Windows has given our customers access to the next generation of collaboration: cloud-based, with a modern, streamlined UI and up-to-date capabilities.

    Co-Editing is a more flexible, powerful collaboration tool for our customers, and enables us to deliver more frequent product updates and better support.

  3. The integration of all major cloud storage offerings into MindManager

    Now that we have fully integrated all major cloud storage offerings (such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox) as storage options, users now have a more logical and personally controlled environment for their file storage.