MindManager Enterprise

Connect your team with the tools to work smarter, faster and better together.

Empower your business with a solution that streamlines IT effort and supports growth.

A successful business starts with well-equipped teams

MindManager Enterprise empowers team members to work more efficiently on their own, collaborate more effectively with each other, maximize the tools available to them, and achieve their goals – and yours – faster than ever.

Work better & faster together
Plan painlessly & manage masterfully
Centralize knowledge & simplify execution
Enterprise-grade benefits for teams

Trade unproductive meetings and unreliable message threads for a comprehensive visual map that instantly clarifies goals, expectations, requirements, tasks, priorities and more.

  • Transform a dynamic brainstorm into an executable strategy in a single team session.
  • Share meeting notes, processes and plans across the organization to drive understanding, alignment and buy-in.
  • Ensure your projects are aligned with larger corporate objectives.

"For businesses, contacting MindManager to discuss adding its Enterprise version to your tech stack could be one of the best things you do for your company."

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