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A successful business starts with well-equipped teams. But when software, tools and data are siloed and disconnected, the gaps in between can cause communications to break down, visions to conflict and projects to fail.

MindManager gives businesses a one-stop solution that empowers team members to work more efficiently on their own, collaborate more effectively with each other, maximize the tools available to them and achieve their goals – and yours – faster than ever.

Clarify direction

Quickly get information out of your head and in front of your eyes, in a flexible digital format that shows you what’s important, what you need to act on, and what you can ignore

Inspire action

Structure and present information and knowledge in a way that’s instantly understandable and actionable to colleagues, stakeholders, customers or anyone you share it with.

Drive results

Stress-free planning. Smoother-run projects. Clearer communications. Every day, Millions of users in thousands of global companies work faster with MindManager.

“With MindManager, I can confidently provide first-rate project management services to multiple clients. For the past twelve years, it has never failed me.”

Jeff Kearns, CD, rmc, PEng, PMP
Principal Consultant and Senior Project Manager
T.J. Kearns Consulting Inc.

Every day millions of people across thousands of companies worldwide use MindManager.

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