Introducing the
MindManager 21

Bring clarity and structure to plans and projects with MindManager 21.

MindManager 21 is finally here, and it’s better than ever.

But don’t take it from us.

Every new version of MindManager is inspired by feedback from our loyal users. So we thought— why not let them tell you how mind mapping adds clarity and impact to projects?

Because at the end of the day, this launch is all about you. It’s your work, your projects, and your team— backed by MindManager’s collection of powerful tools and systems.

Here’s what our customers had to say about what makes MindManager such a game-changer (and how this new version takes things to a whole new level):

“I use MindManager as a starting point for almost everything that requires documenting a process.”

NEW! Document things your way with updated Topic Info Styles

Topic Info Styles

Sure, brainstorming can get messy, but taking those ideas and turning them into beautiful, organized maps is where MindManager shines.

Gain greater flexibility over the way your information is displayed with a fresh new design that makes map topics clear and customizable. The result? Less time spent trying to explain processes to your team.

While we’re on the topic of communication...

“MindManager will add +10 to your brainstorming while saving your sanity.”

NEW! Turn complexity into clarity with Powerful Flowchart Extensions

Flowchart Extensions

What’s the point of creating a fantastic workflow if no one understands it?

With MindManager, you can make complex flowcharts more readable with line jumps. Increase your impact by connecting to what matters, faster.

It’s easy!

“MindManager is great, it lets my mind do the managing without the software getting in the way.”

NEW! Work smarter with enhanced Usability and Productivity tools

Usability and Productivity tools

At MindManager, we’re all about making it easier to get stuff done.

Discover over 30 usability & productivity enhancements, such as resource color coding, simplified horizontal scrolling, customizable snap-to-grid, and more.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with these tools.

Speaking of amazement...

“Every time I ask, ‘Can it do this?’ and after reading some of the help pages, it can be done.”

NEW! Collect data from multiple sources with enhanced Map Roll Ups

Map Roll Ups

We think that good maps should bring ideas—and people—together. Map roll ups allow users to add single topics and complete topic structures from multiple maps, whether stored locally or in the cloud, into one master diagram.

This makes collaboration a breeze!

How else can you connect ideas? We’re glad you asked...

“A tool to mirror your mind on the screen.”

NEW! Bring your ideas to life with Reimagined Slides & Presentations

Slides and Presentations

It’s all about the visuals. Take unprecedented control over your slides with MindManager.

Add information from multiple maps, whether stored locally or in the cloud, and evolve your slide decks over time.

Excited to try it for yourself? You’re in luck—we want to celebrate this launch with an exclusive offer:

30-day Money Back GuaranteePlus, our 30-day, money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to make sure MindManager will work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Give your ideas the best canvas possible with the all-new MindManager 21.

Happy Mapping,
The MindManager Team

P.S. Don’t forget, MindManager 21 comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.