What is a Knowledge Map?

A knowledge map is a visual aid that shows where knowledge can be found within a group or organization, and how to find those with the most expertise.
Often referred to as an “inventory of knowledge”, these maps are organized using various interconnected nodes to make it easy to find out where to look for information.

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Why make Knowledge Maps?

When dealing with large amounts of complex data, not everyone is going to an expert on every subject; having a simple tool for finding those within an organization who have specific skills is both time-saving and efficient.
Instead of having to look up information you may not be familiar with, a knowledge map can lead you directly to someone who can help.

Why use MindManager as your Knowledge Mapping Software

1. More Powerful Sharing with HTML5

2. Powerful Integrations – With apps like, Asana, Google Docs, Google Docs, Box, or OneDrive

3. Better Project Planning & Management

4. More Visual – With over 700 topic images added to the Image Library

5. More Convenient – Quickly store, retrieve, and share MindManager files using simplified file management

MindManager is one of the best knowledge map creators on the market. With the powerful features and tools listed above and many more you will be creating knowledge maps in no time!

How to make a knowledge map

  1. Identify the topic for your map.
  2. With a starting point defined, branch into various nodes that represent people or places that hold information.
  3. Continue branching into more specific nodes if needed.
  4. As you progress, add keywords that explain how each node relates to one another, until you are left with a single resource for your information.

Get started fast with templates!

MindManager comes pre-installed with many templates for you to choose from. To use these templates:

  1. Open MindManager
  2. Click NEW in the navigation menu
  3. Select the template you want to use
  4. A preview screen will appear, check to if you want to use your selected template
  5. Select Create Map
  6. Customize the template for your specific project

Create more than just knowledge maps with MindManager

Use MindManager for more than just knowledge mapping, with MindManager you can create idea maps, gantt charts, tree diagrams, workflow diagrams, and so much more!

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