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Frequently Asked Questions

I have technical questions about MindManager

  1. Integration between Microsoft Office and MindManager doesn’t work.

    Check the bit version of both applications and install the matching one for any of them. Visit KB 125293 for instructions.
  2. I get a “Network Error” message when trying to log in to MindManager.

    Check Internet Explorer settings and reset them as per instructions from KB 125314.
  3. MindManager cannot be activated due to specific environment configuration.

    Visit KB 125463 for instructions on how to configure MindManager to activate it.
  4. I upgraded Microsoft Office and/or MindManager and my Add-Ins don’t work anymore.

    Repair both applications as per instructions from KB 125289.
  5. MindManager installation fails with JavaScript error.

    Download the full installer as per instructions from KB 125464.
  6. I have MMP files created in older versions of MindManager and want to use them in the latest version.

    Visit KB 125326 for instructions on how to convert old MMP files into MMAP.
  7. How do I get started creating a whiteboard in MindManager?

    Check out our support article on whiteboarding, how to get started, and features.

I have licensing questions about MindManager

  1. What is a MindManager account?

    Visit KB 125295 for more information.
  2. How do I activate MindManager 21 for Windows or MindManager 13 for Mac?

    Precise instructions are provided in KB 125312.
  3. How do I get a free trial of MindManager?

    Visit KB 125299 for instructions on how to get MindManager free trial. This article also lists answers to popular questions related to the trial period.
  4. I have a license key for MindManager but don’t know what version I should download.

    Visit KB 125338 to see what the license key formats for the different MindManager versions are.
  5. How do I move MindManager to a new computer?

    To move MindManager to a new computer, install the corresponding version on a new computer and sign in with your account. For more information, visit KB 125462

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MindManager Windows 23

MindManager Windows 22

MindManager Windows 21

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Try the full version of MindManager FREE for 30 days