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MAP 3 Add-in for MindManager

MAP 3 is the "Swiss Army Add-in" for MindManager

By adding over 50 new functions to MindManager, MAP 3 allows you to work faster and smarter while building even more impressive mind maps and visual diagrams.

In partnership with Olympic Limited Software, Corel is pleased to offer the MAP 3 Add-in at a savings of over 20% off the standard retail price.

Purchase MAP 3 and Turbo-Charge your MindManager experience Today!

MAP 3 is the easiest way to elevate your mind mapping skills with MindManager.

MAP 3 is the most feature-rich add-in currently available for MindManager 2017. The software is developed by Olympic Limited Software, a team with over 18 years of MindManager development experience. They are truly the best in the business, and they’ve designed MAP 3 with our user community at the top of mind. By augmenting your MindManager installation with MAP 3 you can become a true mind mapping power user. The add-in delivers overs 50 impact features to MindManager.

MAP 3 offers a breadth and depth of features that make it a vital upgrade in the toolkit of all MindManager users.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to MAP 3 for MindManager

1) Enhanced Exports 
Utilize your Map content in other applications with Image and PDF exports.

3) Global Map Actions
Perform time saving actions across your Maps such as clearing specific task information.

5) Show/Hide Tools
Clear your Map Properties and Task Panes with ease to save real estate on your canvas.

7) Advanced Linking
Advanced linking control helps you navigate larger Maps & manipulate hyperlinked files.

9) Added Images/Icons
Over 350 new Images & Icons to enable even more impressive maps and diagrams.

2) Improved Navigation
Map faster and smarter with autoviews and shortcut menus.

4) Smarter Mapping Tools
Includes several simple and intuitive utilities to make enhanced mapping easier.

6) Extended Topic Properties
Extend the use of MindManager’s Topic Properties & Topic Formulas.

8) Advanced Topic Actions
Advanced Topic sorting, resize Topic images, Quick functions, dependency control and much more.

10) More Math
Perform basic algebraic calculations with the numeric topics in your maps.

What do MindManager customers have to say about MAP 3?

"Brilliant! MAP is the must-have add-in for MindManager that actually puts MindManager over-the-line in terms of competitive value. I can’t even imagine using it without Olympic’s quality add-ins – They’re that rich in terms of additional functionality. Olympic is a force multiplier in terms of business value."

M. Pankoski –

"I have been Mind Mapping for many years, first using a freeware before discovering Mindjet’s MindManager, which has become my favorite tool. When I discovered Olympic and the add-ins they develop my use of MindManager made a quantum leap with MAP and Task4Maps making my days more effective."

Age Pederson –
Administration Manager

"I have used Olympic add-ins for several years & found they greatly enhance usability & value of MindManager. Just when you think there is no room for improvement Olympic release a new & valuable add-in/function. On top of that, Olympics customer service is simply exceptional."

Dietmar W. Sokowski –
Owner, QTunnel Business Consulting

Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the advantages of upgrading to the MAP 3 Add-in

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MAP 3?
MAP 3 is a professional add-in for MindManager. It offers over 50 additional ways to create, edit, view, navigate, organize and manage your MindManager Maps in both Business and Personal day to day use.

2. Who is responsible for MAP 3 support?
MAP is developed and supported entirely by Olympic. Please contact Olympic for support requests related to MAP 3.

3. For which languages is MAP available?
The MAP interfaces and tools are currently only available in English, but the add-in is fully functional with all language versions of MindManager.

4. Can I use MAP 3 with MindManager for Mac?
No. MAP and other MindManager add-ins are only available for the Windows versions.

5. Can I provide ideas for future MAP versions?
Absolutely. Many of the functions in MAP are actually the result of suggestions or requests from MindManager users and clients. Please submit your feedback directly to Olympic using this email address:

6. Who is Olympic Limited Software?
Olympic has been working with Corel, (Mindjet), and MindManager for almost 18 years. They have been developing add-ins and bespoke solutions using the Windows versions of MindManager since 2005. They are an Authorized Corel Partner and one of the most active MindManager add-in development companies in the world.

Try MAP 3 today and take your mind mapping prowess to the next level!

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