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  • Create structured visual agendas to set clear goals
  • Use real-time tools to encourage focused, productive conversations
  • Clarify action items and assign next steps to keep projects moving
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MindManager maps provide simple tools and features to help you plan, execute, and follow-up on meetings to make them a more efficient use of time and resources.

PLAN: Create structured visual agendas

PLAN: Create structured visual agendas

  • Use meeting maps to design clear, organized visual overviews that identify each meeting’s purpose, outcome, and structure.
  • Create tasks, subtasks, and priority levels for all meeting outcomes and assign them to specific employees to report and/or present on.
  • Link to existing documents and webpages to give attendees easy access to important reference material.
EXECUTE: Encourage more focused, productive conversations

EXECUTE: Encourage more focused, productive conversations

  • Easily make real-time edits to meeting maps to add new tasks and/or issues raised to keep pace with the discussion.
  • Expand or collapse tasks and subtasks to refocus attention and ensure meetings stay on track.
  • Capture ideas, feedback, questions, and other attendee contributions to ensure key information is documented.
FOLLOW-UP: Clarify action items and next steps

FOLLOW-UP: Clarify action items and next steps

  • Use visual icons to document decisions made or actions needed to create a clear meeting record that can be referenced in the future.
  • Immediately move from planning to execution by assigning follow-up tasks to employees that can be tracked via priority level, progress status, and due date.
  • Easily share meeting maps with non-attendees to keep all stakeholders in the loop and ensure action items are completed.

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