Jira integration

Take a visual approach to Agile project management

Seamlessly execute your project plan and strategy with MindManager and Jira.

Streamline your workflow with MindManager's Jira integration

Managing projects effectively requires the seamless coordination of tasks and issues. MindManager®️ integrates with Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center, empowering users to effortlessly import, organize, and manage Jira tickets and issues directly in MindManager.

Effortless import and synchronization

Effortless import and synchronization

  • Connect your Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center instances to MindManager without hassle.
  • Import tickets and issues with a few clicks, ensuring you always have the latest view.
  • Synchronize changes made in Jira with your project maps in MindManager.
Robust data exploration

Robust data exploration

  • Explore and filter imported Jira data and enhance information with exhaustive metadata.
  • Gain insights into project progress, issue status, and task dependencies in a single glance.
  • Use formulas to see total story points; drag and drop issues to recalculate instantly.
MindManager SmartRules integration

MindManager SmartRules integration

  • Leverage the power of MindManager SmartRules™ to automate actions based on Jira data changes.
  • Create custom rules that trigger updates to assignees, styles, and shapes.
  • Enhance decision-making by aligning project management with real-time Jira updates.

Enhance project control with streamlined ticket management

Enhance project control with streamlined ticket management

Efficient edits and updates

  • Make edits to individual or multiple Jira tickets directly within MindManager.
  • Update ticket details, assignees, due dates, and more, ensuring accurate information without switching platforms.
  • Import and export defects, tasks, epics, stories, or custom issue types.

Holistic project views

  • Consolidate Jira tickets and issues within MindManager project maps for a comprehensive overview.
  • Identify cross-functional relationships and dependencies, ensuring smooth project coordination.
  • Track project milestones alongside issue resolution, promoting a holistic understanding of your projects.

Elevate team collaboration and amplify productivity

Elevate team collaboration and amplify productivity

Cross-functional alignment

  • Facilitate better communication between project managers, designers, developers, and stakeholders.
  • Break down silos by presenting Jira data in MindManager's collaborative environment.
  • Ensure everyone is working towards the same project goals, improving alignment and reducing miscommunication.

Real-time decision making

  • Empower teams with real-time insights into Jira updates through MindManager's dynamic visualization.
  • Expedite decision-making by having the most current project and issue information at your fingertips.
  • React promptly to changing project conditions, maintaining agility in your project execution.

Work smarter, collaborate seamlessly, and make informed decisions

Visualize your Jira projects

MindManager's Jira integration revolutionizes project management by seamlessly merging visual planning with dynamic issue tracking.

Elevate your project management game, experience enhanced productivity, and see your Jira projects in detail like never before.

Visualize your Jira projects

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