Create Better Project Plans with Interactive Visualizations

On-Demand Webinar

It doesn’t matter how well you execute a project if the project outcomes aren’t aligned with your organization’s strategy and the needs of the ‘customers’ or ‘end users’.

It may sound easy, but it can be a daunting task. The challenge of project planning is to identify and understand not just the stated problem but its underlying cause. Planning must capture, organize and synthesize the various and often competing needs and goals of project stakeholders into an achievable plan that optimizes your use of resources into the best possible outcomes.

This webinar will review a series of visual planning tools to help any project manager dive deeper into the planning process in a collaborative, visual, holistic way leading to comprehensive project plans.

Presented by Michael Deutch, MindManager’s Brand Ambassador, this webinar will highlight a variety of powerful visualization techniques to help you and your team:

  • Identify the right problem to solve
  • Define your project faster and with less effort
  • Build comprehensive project plans to implement your desired solution

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