ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Using MindManager as a knowledge management workspace

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Using MindManager as a knowledge management workspace

Learning is at the heart of knowledge management, and that is something that the MindManager team takes to heart. “Knowledge is what you learn by doing”, says MindManager expert and presenter Nick Duffill.

MindManager is uniquely positioned as a workspace where you can execute and learn at the same time. This live panel discussion will cover how to begin using MindManager to share knowledge across your organization by integrating learning into key business processes.

Our panel brings together experts from different backgrounds but with a common interest in effective knowledge management and learning.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to:

  • Make a start on knowledge management without a major capital investment.
  • Start using double loop learning both individually and in teams.
  • Enable your subject matter experts to better communicate and share their knowledge.

Nick Duffill, Harport Consulting (Presenter)

Stephanie Barnes, Entelechy (Panellist)

Thomas O'Connell, Indiana University (Panellist)

Patrick Mayfield, Independent Consultant and Author (Panellist)

Steven Bashford, MindManager (Panellist)

PRESENTER: Nick Duffill, Principal at Harport Consulting
DURATION: 60 minutes (45 mins + 15mins Q&A)

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