Access free MindManager templates that facilitate process improvement!

Simplify process improvement with MindManager®. Get started today with five free templates that you can start using immediately to support lean management techniques.

MindManager is a powerful mind mapping tool designed for managers and teams who are looking to improve their organization’s workflows and processes. It provides:

  • A fully customizable way to capture, organize, and visualize all key project details and information.
  • Editable diagrams and templates that help individuals and teams better understand complex concepts, processes, and workflows and the role they play in their execution.
  • Multiple data views and presentation modes that make it easy for team members to collaborate and capture feedback in real time.

Use these free templates to implement lean management techniques and facilitate continuous process improvement:

1. Affinity diagram

These diagrams enable you to capture large amounts of language data (e.g., ideas, customer or user opinions, and market research) and group it together based on natural relationships, or affinities.

2. Deployment flowchart (swim lane)

This business process mapping tool helps you visually lay out the various steps and stakeholders involved in a workflow, clearly articulating the sequence of steps and the interactions between activities.

3. Process flowchart

Process flowcharts allow you to identify and eliminate non-value-added operations and facilitate teamwork by keeping everyone on the same page. Use this type of diagram to enhance internal communication with a visual representation of the steps involved in a business process or workflow.

4. SIPOC diagram

Creating a SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers) diagram as part of the Six Sigma DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) methodology allows you to identify all relevant elements of a process improvement project prior to implementation.

5. Value-added flowchart

A value-added flowchart visually separates value-added steps from non-value added steps. Businesses use it to identify and eliminate costs that do not add value to their customers, better utilize their resources and reduce unnecessary process complexity.

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