ON-DEMAND WEBINARLevel up your LEAN Six Sigma management project with process mapping

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Create process maps like flowcharts, SIPOCs, flow diagrams, and value-added flow charts.
  • Use visualization tools to identify process inefficiencies and make improvements.
  • See a live demo and get expert tips for successful process mapping.

When implementing lean management techniques and continuous improvement strategies, process maps can be critical tools.

Visualizing processes helps you to find and fix inefficiencies, enables team members to better understand their roles and responsibilities, and enhances communication, all of which leads to more successful project outcomes.

In this webinar, hosted by Jeff Kearns, a LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt and member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), you’ll discover strategies for creating effective process maps to support continuous improvement and other LEAN Six Sigma management techniques.

During this webinar, you’ll gather tips and expert advice on process mapping, allowing you to:

  • Detail all key steps and tasks involved in key business processes.
  • Create various types of visual process maps, including value stream maps, SIPOC diagrams, process flow charts, and deployment flow charts.
  • Identify how to eliminate common process inefficiencies.
  • Understand the role that documentation and process mapping plays in LEAN Six Sigma management methodologies.
  • Better communicate with your team and key stakeholders, resulting in more successful outcomes.
PRESENTER: Jeff Kearns, PEng, PMP – Management Consultant at TJ Kearns Consulting
DURATION: 45 minutes (30 mins + 15mins Q&A)

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