Access five free MindManager templates that drive impactful brainstorming sessions

Turn ideas into action and action into innovation with MindManager®. Get started today with five free templates you can use immediately to facilitate mindstorming sessions.

Traditional brainstorming is flawed, which can hinder its impact. Mindstorming, a potent fusion of visualization tools and group brainstorming techniques, is the answer.

This technique blends templates native to MindManager with ideation techniques, like reverse brainstorming and six thinking hats, to elevate idea generation and decision-making to new heights.

Try these free MindManager templates to start facilitating your mindstorming sessions today.

1. Brainstorming session template 

The brainstorming session template can be used to guide your ideation sessions, set agenda items, record ideas, and solidify your action plan.

2. Problem-solving meeting template

The problem-solving meeting template can be used to manage meetings dedicated to solving specific challenges, helping to turn ideation into action.

3. Problem-solving process template

The problem-solving process template walks your team through the seven phases of problem-solving, helping to ensure a thorough ideation session for your team.

4. SWOT analysis template

The SWOT analysis template can be used to stress test ideas against potential market threats and opportunities and to ensure that the most impactful ideas are identified and actioned.

5. Urgency-importance matrix template

The urgency-importance matrix can be used to plot various ideas generated in a mindstorming session based on their urgency and importance to your team’s mission.

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