5 Tips to Maximise Your Productivity on Your Return From Holidays [September 2015]

You enjoyed your summer holiday, the beach is now just a good distant memory... During your absence did your inbox get full? Are your colleagues not yet back from their holidays and you have to work the extra hours? Is your desk covered with several reports? Do you have to reorganize the source data in order to remain productive?

In this webinar, we will give you 5 concrete tips to help you to:

  • Get organised
  • Visualize the tasks to follow
  • Stay focused on what is important
  • Find the necessary documents quickly
  • Easily share information with your colleagues

This webinar is for both beginners and advanced users. It will provide you with useful advice for your daily working life and for achieving your current and upcoming professional challenges.

DATE: September 2015
PRODUCT: MindManager for Windows
SPEAKER: Teodora Gonzalez, Mindjet Consultant

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