How to Ramp up Adoption of S1000D-based Technical Documentation with MindManager


Struggling to find an easy way to increase adoption of the international S1000D specification for technical documentation? We are here to help. 

On Thursday, October 28th, MindManager is hosting a webinar featuring Mike Ingledew, technical documentation expert and founder of Tech Data World.

In this webinar, Mike will discuss the challenges of S1000D adoption and provide tips on how individuals and organizations can overcome these challenges. 

You’ll learn:

  • The unique challenges of implementing and following the S1000D specification.
  • Top strategies for quickly ramping up adoption of S1000D.
  • What S1000D capabilities MindManager offers, and why Mike chose MindManager to create an IPS toolkit that enables out-of-the-box technical documentation features.
  • How technical documentation specialists can use the MindManager IPS toolkit to manage S1000D documentation.
PRESENTER: Mike Ingledew, Technical Documentation Expert and Founder, Tech Data World
Hosted by: Joel Averheim, Manager Training and Services EMEA, MindManager
DURATION: 1 hour

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