On-Demand Webinar Visualizing Agile Beyond Software Development

Agile and SCRUM were originally conceived as practical solutions for managing software projects, but the principles behind them can bring clarity across a wide range of business practices.

Similarly, many ongoing business processes such as marketing or recruitment can benefit from strategic alignment by applying an Agile approach and structure.

In this webinar, presented by mind mapping and visualization expert Nick Duffill, we’ll cover:

  • The benefits of defining, visualizing, and executing open-ended projects in a single document
  • How strategic objectives, actions, and detailed information can be brought together to model open-ended projects for continuous delivery with Agile principles and methods
  • How to use MindManager to accomplish both of the above

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PRESENTER: Nick Duffill, Principal at Harport Consulting
HOST: Brendan McConnell, Content Marketing Manager
DURATION: 1 hour

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