Collaborate with MindManager – Co-Editing, MS Teams, Dashboards, Map RollUps, Snap & Sharepoint
[April 29th 9 AM PDT]

MindManager supports the interactivity and collaborative work between colleagues and participants in a variety of ways.

Maps can be created and edited together by the team. Plans and work results can be shared and communicated with colleagues as a map or in other formats on a wide variety of platforms. Team leads can consolidate any important information from their coworker’s maps or content from distributed SharePoint lists by creating dashboard maps.

This webinar introduces the functions and apps that are important and useful for working in a team.

For all MindManager users who need to collaborate with others.

Learn more about:

  • Content control settings
  • Co-editing with the Microsoft Teams app or the MindManager Co-Editing Service
  • The creation of team dashboards via Map Roll-up or SharePoint queries
  • Gathering and sharing team content or ideas with MindManager Snap
Audience: Anyone who wants to learn more about working together using MindManager
PRESENTER: Alex Smith, CSM, Global Sales Enablement & Training
TIME: 9 am PDT / 10 am MDT / 11 am CDT / 12 pm EDT / 6 pm CEST / 7 pm EEST
DURATION: 60 Minutes

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