How to Hold a Successful Strategic Planning Session
[August 2018]

On-Demand Webinar

Sure, you’ve run countless meetings … and, hey, some were better than others. But if you’re going to secure the time of senior people from across your organization for a strategic planning session, you darn well want to make sure it’s going to be productive and deliver strong outcomes.

So let’s break this down and make sure your next strategic planning session is one all participants will rave about:

  • Before: Tips for advance preparation to set you up for success
  • During: Strategic models, tools and technology for a great experience
  • After: Don’t drop the ball now! How to keep momentum and energy

Join us and we’ll arm you with everything you need to run an incredible strategy sessions, whether it’s your very first or your forty-first session!

Our Guest Presenter:
Chuck Frey is the founder and author of The Mind Mapping Software Blog, a leading website covering tools, strategies and best practices for mind mapping, diagramming and all forms of visual thinking. He has extensive experience in online marketing, content strategy and marketing, business strategy and creative problem-solving techniques.

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