On-Demand Webinar

Make Risk Management Part of Your Project

Project Management is a highly demanding discipline. The number of projects gone wrong is flat out enormous. Often people in charge don‘t pay enough attention to the early detection and visualisation of project risks. During the project execution, the resulting consequences can be highly annoying and, even worse, lead up to a complete failure of the project. So what needs to be done? How do we set up an integrated Project Risk Management plan (PRM) and cultivate it as a first class management tool? Furthermore, how can we communicate the project risks to the stakeholders? Listen to our special guest speaker, Dr. Marco Gruber, Founder at Gruber Partner AG, one of the leading small auditing and advisory companies in Switzerland. He demonstrates how to systematically identify, analyse and assess project risks with a three dimensional approach thanks to MindManager. Experience how you can reliably plan and document adequate risk responses – thereby mastering your project risks and leading your project to success.

Watch this webinar and learn from Marco Gruber’s solid experience on how to use MindManager and mind maps to meet and avoid the risks in projects.

Date: June 2016
Presenters: Dr. Marco Gruber (Founder at Gruber Partner AG) and Dr. Steven Bashford (Director Technical Services, MindManager EMEA at Mindjet)
Audience: Project managers of all sectors and levels; persons in charge of ISO 9001:2015, risk managers in enterprises and institutions (ISO 31000 or COSO ERM)
Duration: 1 Hour (includes 15 mins of questions & answers)

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