ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Knowledge maps, knowledge source maps & knowledge structure maps - How does it work with MindManager?

In everyday work, information often needs to be evaluated and compared in order to create plans, define roadmaps and make the right decisions. MindManager is an ideal tool for this and supports you with extensive functions for categorizing, qualifying and weighting information.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • How information and options can be categorized and qualified.
  • How content and criteria can be evaluated and weighted.
  • Concrete examples for comparing information (e.g. comparison of providers).
  • How to define rules, e.g. to automatically calculate and visually highlight key figures.

With the free and non-obligatory registration you will receive your personal access link to the webinar. In addition, a few days after the webinar you will receive the follow-up mail with the link to the webinar recording and the webinar maps.

AUDIENCE: The webinar is intended for anyone who needs to compare different criteria, options and information in order to improve planning and make the right decisions.
PRESENTER: Alex Smith, CSM, Global Sales Enablement & Training, MindManager.
DURATION: 1 hour

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