Live Webinar Knowledge maps, knowledge source maps & knowledge structure maps - How does it work with MindManager?

In times of global competition and demographic change, knowledge management is of central importance in companies and organizations. In this webinar, our MindManager experts show which functions can be used to create the different types of knowledge maps, for example knowledge maps, knowledge asset maps & knowledge development maps.

Join us to learn how:

  • Knowledge and information can be captured and structured.
  • Knowledge and information is categorized and quickly found.
  • Your map is completed with additional information such as links, attachments, comments and notes.
  • How contexts and relationships are mapped.
  • How your knowledge maps can be shared.

With the free and non-obligatory registration you will receive your personal access link to the webinar. In addition, a few days after the webinar you will receive the follow-up mail with the link to the webinar recording and the webinar maps.

AUDIENCE: Anyone who would like to learn how to create knowledge maps with MindManager.
PRESENTER: Joel Averheim, Manager Training & Services EMEA, MindManager.
MINDMANAGER VERSION & PLATFORM: 45 minutes (30 mins + 15mins Q&A) MindManager 22 (Windows).
DURATION: 1 hour

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