ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Planning boards and whiteboards with MindManager

Whiteboards are popular for gathering ideas and freely sketching processes, while planning boards show a clear allocation of information. An example is identifying each employees role in a process.

MindManager can be used as both, a digital whiteboard, and planning board. Each sets of diagrams can be easily created and shared with others.

In this webinar we will show:

  • How to use MindManager as a digital whiteboard.
  • How to create and use planning boards with MindManager.
  • How to assign roles in complex business processes and projects, using a RACI matrix.

Of course, there will also be an opportunity to ask questions during this webinar.

With the free and non-obligatory registration you will receive your personal access link to the webinar. In addition, a few days after the webinar you will receive the follow-up mail with the link to the webinar recording and the webinar maps.

AUDIENCE: For those who want to use MindManager as a whiteboard or for planning boards.
PRESENTER: Alex Smith, CSM, Global Sales Enablement & Training, MindManager.
DURATION: 1 hour

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