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Using a Visual Dashboard to Work Faster, Better, Connected

Visual dashboards are one of the most effective ways to manage information overload, and to ensure that mission-critical information and tasks don’t fall through the cracks. MindManager is uniquely suited to creating and managing visual dashboards that help you manage your daily tasks and projects.
Join Nick Duffill as he walks you through how to create and manage visual dashboards using MindManager 2020.
You’ll learn:

  • What a visual dashboard is, and how they work.
  • What’s different about a MindManager dashboard compared to other applications.
  • Which MindManager features are most important for visual dashboards.
  • How to create and manage your own visual dashboard using MindManager.

About our guest speaker:
Nick is the Principal at Harport Consulting, a firm specializing in mind mapping software. His expertise is bringing mind mapping to businesses through the design of processes and materials, and the development of specialized functions. Nick has been a guest speaker for MindManager on many webinars, and is a world renowned expert of mind mapping and visual information management.
The maps shown in the webinar are available to download here.

PRESENTER: Nick Duffill (Principal at Harport Consulting)

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