On-Demand Webinar

Visualise and manage projects and knowledge – with MindManager Enterprise and Microsoft SharePoint [April 2017]

Discover the benefits of the MindManager Enterprise and Microsoft SharePoint integration in your project and knowledge management activities.

MindManager Enterprise offers integration capabilities with SharePoint, and provides users a visual and intuitive structure to better work within the SharePoint environment. Users can work with MindManager maps in exactly the same way as with other Office documents in SharePoint, which significantly improves integration into existing work processes: Thanks to the capturing and organisation of (project) information in a single view, users benefit from easier organisation of work. The visual MindManager dashboard also places SharePoint content into context and facilitates navigation between the numerous SharePoint lists and documents.

Join our SharePoint expert, Rainer Obesser, to learn how to:

  • synchronise project management maps with SharePoint tasks
  • use SharePoint as a location for (team) maps,
  • and perform queries through SharePoint lists and libraries.

The maps shown during the webinar are created with MindManager 2017 for Windows.

Date: April 2017
Duration: 1 hour (including a Q&A session)
Speaker: Rainer Obesser, Mindjet Consultant
Audience: All SharePoint users and MindManager Enterprise users

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