On-Demand Webinar

Work efficiently and develop smart maps with MindManager Smart Rules [June 24]

From the personal dashboard, information maps and flowcharts, to project maps: With MindManager Smart Rules ™ you can rule-based add elements and information to your maps and highlight important information. This makes working in MindManager easier and reduces manual effort. In this webinar we will show you how to create and manage Smart Rules™ to add automatically additional information such as icons, tags, properties and task information. For all users who want to work smart in MindManager Maps.

Join us to learn how to:

  • How to create, manage and reuse Smart Rules™
  • How you can automatically control the formatting of topics
  • How to import data from MS Excel, categorize it according to rules and then edit it in different views, such as the Gantt Chart
  • How to create properties to generate traffic light functions or perform more complex calculations

With MindManager for Windows, making visual flowcharts and other step by step diagrams has never been easier.

PRESENTED MINDMANAGER VERSION: MindManager 2020 for Windows Manager
Presenter: Alex Smith, Manager Global Sales Enablement & Training

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