Knowledge Management System: A Guide to Knowledge Management Tools

Customer support is central to business success, but only when it's handled right. Most customer service desks often react to customer needs instead of anticipating them. They are swamped with support tickets and have no time to create strategic measures to improve the customer experience.

If your customer desk fields the same questions and addresses the same problems all the time, a knowledge management system could be game-changing.

Dig in as we explore how switching to knowledge management tools can give you a much-needed edge.

What are knowledge management systems?

Knowledge management systems are any IT tools that help companies capture, distribute, and use their collective knowledge efficiently. These systems grant each staff member in an organization access to the information they need to discharge their duties. Traditionally, knowledge management solutions were time-consuming wikis, spreadsheets, documents, and web portals.

However, modern knowledge management systems offer a seamless approach that saves time, improves productivity, and cost-efficiency. They present you with the unique advantage of accessing the correct information at the right time.

Therefore, a robust knowledge management solution eliminates repetitive tasks and informs decision-making while stimulating innovation and collaboration. It'll integrate your knowledge into a single data pool that's easily discoverable, accessible, and efficient to update.

Most companies employ knowledge management software in four primary use cases, which include:

  • Bolstering customer service: They keep answers handy to help the customer service answer customers' queries quickly and efficiently.
  • Knowledge retention: These tools capture information from the professionals in your firm for long-term retention. Therefore, new hires can learn from these experts long after they've left the company.
  • New hire orientation and training: These tools double as a reliable training platform by helping you create a vast knowledge database. They allow you to onboard new workers quickly and seamlessly.
  • Customer feedback analysis: The best knowledge management solutions come with advanced analytic capabilities. They can help you filter through customer feedback to generate insightful reports about your business and service.

Switching to a knowledge management system confers numerous benefits to your company, including:

  • Better decision-making capabilities
  • Improving human relations
  • Enhancing goodwill between employees and customers
  • Providing in-depth insights into your business
  • Building a competent and productive workforce

How to choose the best knowledge management software

Knowledge management software is designed to boost business efficiency and improve output. However, there are numerous tools on the market, each uniquely designed to meet varied needs.

Best features to consider in a knowledge management solution

Target audience

Will you be using the solution to share information internally or create a self-service help desk for your customers complete with FAQs? Pick an easy-to-use self-service portal that provides quick answers to common problems and questions if you need a KM solution to meet external needs.

Look for a customizable, unified solution if you need a KM tool for an internal knowledge base. Consider the department, users, and the applicable business processes for the best results. You want the tool to fit your business, not to change your processes to fit the tool.


Big data is an influential business growth factor, but only when it’s accurate, correctly interpreted, and presented. The best KM tools collect and provide the data with no alteration whatsoever. Ensure the tool can store the correct data, accurately locate the data in your database, and work with common search phrases.


Bulky software is ineffective because they tend to gobble up large database volumes resulting in a sluggish performance. Always pick a solution that will run seamlessly on your current system and devices. Relevancy and accuracy are critical traits when handling organizational information. The ideal solution provides accurate and relevant data whenever you need it, not a minute later. A sloth-like application will cause you to incur huge losses and lower your productivity.

Scorecard analytics and data caching

The best solutions have a meticulous scorecard system that lets you view the most recurring topics and problems. They offer insights into your employees' performance and pressing customer issues. With this information, you can establish your strengths and weaknesses and take the necessary corrective measures.


Knowledge management solutions are crucial business tools that champion efficiency, growth, and productivity. Picking the right solution will improve business performance, customer happiness, customer experience, and deliver excellent ROI.

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