Problem Solving Process: The Ultimate Guide to the Process of Problem Solving

Whether you manage a team or the entire organization, you need to apply excellent problem solving techniques to keep your organization going. Problems can occur between employees, which needs quick and effective problem solving tricks to continue with your business operations. That is why you need to learn about problem solving stages. Read on to learn more about problem solving.

What is problem solving?

Problem solving is the ability to offer solutions to difficult or complex issues and devising ways to avoid repetitive occurrences in the future.

The process for problem solving

Develop a positive approach

Before you handle any issue, the first thing is to have a positive mentality towards the problem. It could be a huge problem that may cause you to panic, but try as much as possible to remain composed and confident during the problem solving process. You want to give it the best outcome without involving emotions. So, stay positive as you figure out how to deal with the issue.

Understand the problem

The next problem solving method is to define the problem you are facing. The issue could be more profound than you think, and that is why you need to be intentional about diagnosing the root cause of the problem. This is the only way to solve the issue, because you can't solve what you cannot diagnose. Know the root cause and the effect of the issue. If possible, write down everything and use the notes as a guide on how to solve the problem.

Be creative about the problem

Creativity is a vital skill that a good problem solver should possess. It helps you think outside the box and approach the issue strategically. You need to address the issue from different angles to avoid leaning on one side.

Determine whether other issues could be a stumbling block to the current problem and devise ways to address it first before you proceed.

Looking for solutions

A single problem can have tens of practical solutions. This is why you need to think deeper and analyze all the possible solutions before making the final decision. Determine the problem solving model you're going to use to solve the issue.

You can brainstorm with your colleagues and take note of the possible solutions. Let it be an open platform where everyone can air out their views and ideas about the proposed solutions. But this doesn't mean that every solution is applicable.

Determine the effective solution

Once you highlight various scenarios, determine the problem solving techniques and approaches you will use. You do not have to apply every proposed solution. It is best to analyze what you have noted and settle for the best option.

Please choose an alternative that will solve the issue at hand without complicating it further. You only need to be smart and sensible when choosing the best problem solving strategies.

Solve the problem

Now, you already have a solution to the problem, and are ready to make the final decision. Go on and execute. Be patient at this moment as you weigh both sides to see how the involved parties react to the final decision. If you experience a drawback, you can quickly counter it by applying creative tips and remain persistent until you achieve your goals.

Be ready for the outcome

One thing you need to know is that not all decisions end up well with the involved parties. The solution could fail and cause more chaos in the long run. It is imperative to prepare for such outcomes to avoid dilemmas and confusion.

Remember, even if you do not get it right at first, this will be a learning lesson and you can be sure of doing better the next time. However, to avoid such scenarios, prepare adequately to handle the outcome, whether positive or negative. 

Create a follow-up strategy

No matter the outcome, find creative problem solving steps to follow up until you're sure that the problem is entirely resolved. Do not assume that everything is okay, since this could be the beginning of new problems. You can involve your colleagues to offer support until you achieve your goals.

Be smart about problem solving

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