More than a mind map tool: MindManager is a visual workspace alternative to Miro

Struggling to choose between MindManager vs. Miro? Discover how MindManager is a great alternative to Miro, serving as both a visual workspace and a mind mapping tool that enhances workflows and improves processes across your organization.

Why choose MindManager as your mind map tool?

Users opt for MindManager over solutions like Miro because of its robust features, advanced project management tools, powerful whiteboard template and flowcharting capabilities, and exceptional support.

Integrate MindManager into existing workflows with key integrations

Built-in templates

MindManager offers an array of custom, built-in templates for all teams, projects, and stages. Work, edit, and save your way.

Get started quickly with our templates

Advanced project management tools

Start your projects off the right way and achieve success with customizable topics, sticky notes, map roll-ups, and seamless integrations.

Build easy visualizations of flows, processes, and more

Powerful flowcharting capabilities

Bring structure and clarity to complex processes with powerful and dynamic flowcharts, tailored to your teams and projects.

Control access to collaboration features with flexible permissions

Ease of use

MindManager is consistently rated highly by customers for its usability. Custom templates, powerful integrations, and a vast scope of features allow you to develop the mind maps and diagrams that you need.

Build easy visualizations of flows, processes, and more

Comprehensive onboarding resources

MindManager’s suite of learning tools and robust Starter Academy offer foundational learning, guided training, and tips from experts. Watch at your convenience, at any time.

Control access to collaboration features with flexible permissions


Access online customer support, detailed documentation, and regular webinars to gain answers to your questions and to deepen your understanding of MindManager.

Multi-award winning solution

See why teams love MindManager over Miro

Many teams and organizations prefer MindManager over Miro, and you don’t have to take our word for it! Real users cite how MindManager enables them to drive conversations, illustrate their processes and workflows, and is a highly effective, easy-to-use communication tool.

"I find it helpful for working with any complex problem. It helps me to clarify and refine my own thinking, organize my thoughts, and express them visually so that they are more easily understood by others as well."

Jennifer Magoon
Platform Program Director, Southern New Hampshire University

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"MindManager is software that you can install on your computer and you can trust that your information is safe and confidential. Other similar products use open website platforms that store the information in clouds and you can't really control who has access to the information you are putting in there."

Andres Vasquez
Bioprocess sales specialist, Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH

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"I have also found MindManager over the years to be extremely versatile, with templates available to use for many varied disciplines from international sales to project management, to teaching and consulting."

Peter Ives
Managing Director, Fingerscan Pty Ltd

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MindManager enhances processes and workflows across your entire organization

Discover how MindManager improves communication and collaboration across your entire organization, with visual project management, whiteboarding templates, process mapping, data visualization, and more, all integrated with popular apps that you already use regularly like Jira and Microsoft Teams.

Mind map tool with key integrations

Mind map tool with key integrations

Illustrate workflows for projects, product development, and work processes more easily and effectively. Integrate directly with Jira or import and export Microsoft Excel files for streamlined connections.

Visual project management

Visual project management

Boost productivity and communicate more effectively with MindManager’s visual project management tools such as a whiteboarding template (complete with sticky notes) and Gantt charts (including Excel Data Mapper).

Diagramming and process mapping

Diagramming and process mapping

Visualize and map your processes with MindManager, using built-in templates to create workflow diagrams, process maps, idea maps, and much more.

Realtime and aysnchronous collaboration

Real-time and asynchronous collaboration

Bolster communication and collaboration in real-time and co-edit asynchronously with MindManager for Microsoft Teams.

MindManager vs. Miro FAQs

MindManager has a fully functional 30-day free trial. Try this powerful software free for 30 days without feature limitations.

MindManager is affordable with a range of pricing options for individual users, small businesses, and enterprises. In contrast, Miro does offer a free option that offers limited capabilities; however, the full-featured version is paid.

What is MindManager used for?

MindManager is a mind map tool and visual workspace that enables users to collaborate, brainstorm, and visualize their ideas, workflows, processes, and so much more. In comparison, Miro is a whiteboard tool with a visual workspace.

Does MindManager have integrations?

MindManager integrates directly with Microsoft Teams for real-time collaboration, Jira for easy project management, and Excel and SharePoint for data imports and exports. Plus, connect MindManager to Zapier to maximize your efficiency and customize your workflow with over 3,000 apps.

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30-day fully functional free trial

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