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The retirement of Mindjet Connect and Project Director is a great opportunity to clean up and reorganize older MindManager files — and to review your MindManager License options and make sure you’re getting the greatest possible business benefit from your software investment.

It's also the perfect moment to move onto our next-generation co-editing service. This modern, flexible application lets you collaborate with others on your MindManager maps in a secure cloud environment, leveraging many of our most widely used mapping features.

Getting your data moved over from Mindjet Connect or Project Director and elevating your MindManager experience is fast and easy. Just follow the simple steps below:

1 Step 1: Review the Checklist

  • Review the FAQ below for more detailed information.
  • Open Mindjet Connect or Project Director and assess your stored content.
  • Delete any files you no longer need.
  • Watch the file migration on-demand webinar & review the migration guide below.
  • Begin moving your files to your local storage and/or a supported cloud storage location (OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox). Files must first be downloaded locally and re-uploaded to the cloud.
  • Review MindManager licensing options below to ensure you are on the right license for your needs.
  • Explore the new co-editing experience through our demo, webinar & more.
  • Watch the MindManager 2020 video to see what’s new.
  • Download your FREE trial of MindManager 2020 and test-drive the latest Windows features.

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2 Step 2: Review Your License

Compare Your Options

Compare Your Options

Single User or MindManager Enterprise? See which license type and feature set best meet your needs.

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Compare Your Options

Read About MindManager Enterprise

MindManager Enterprise empowers team members be more productive on their own, work better with each other, and maximize the tools available to them.

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3 Step 3: Migrate Your Files

Watch the Webinar

Watch the Webinar

Let our product experts guide you through the file migration process.

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Read the Migration Guide

Read the Migration Guide

File migration guidance and support in a clear, printable PDF document.

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4 Step 4: Welcome to Co-Editing

Co-Editing in MindManager 2020 for Windows allows users to collaborate on MindManager maps and diagrams together in real-time. It operates on a secure cloud-based server that takes place in your browser, eliminates version conflicts, and allows licensed users to invite others that do not own MindManager.


5 Step 5: Explore MindManager 2020

See What's New

See What's New

Check out the latest and greatest Windows features in action.

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Compare Your Options

Watch the Webinar

Take a deep dive into the 2020 release with our product experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The decision to fully sunset these products this year is based on multiple connected factors:

  1. The end of major browser support for Flash

    Our legacy collaboration web client runs on Adobe Flash. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox have all announced plans to discontinue their support of Flash by the end of this year. This will effectively disable the products for anyone still using them.

    We want to give our users ample time to migrate off the platform before their preferred browser takes this action to avoid a sudden work disruption and/or loss of data.

  2. The availability of next-generation Co-Editing

    The introduction of Co-Editing in MindManager 2020 for Windows has given our customers access to the next generation of collaboration: cloud-based, with a modern, streamlined UI and up-to-date capabilities.

    Co-Editing is a more flexible collaboration tool for our customers, and enables us to deliver more frequent product updates and better support.

  3. The integration of major cloud storage offerings into MindManager

    MindManager has now fully integrated most major cloud storage offerings (called Places), including OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, and Dropbox, giving users control over where to store their files.

Co-Editing in MindManager for Windows allows users to collaborate on MindManager maps and diagrams together in real-time. Teams or groups of individuals working remotely can make changes to the map and see them as they happen. Co-Editing operates on a secure cloud-based server that takes place in your browser, eliminates version conflicts, and allows licensed users to invite others that do not own MindManager.

Co-Editing offers many of the most widely used features of the MindManager desktop application, enabling rich, collaborative interactivity in users’ web browsers of choice. Users can add and edit topics, edit text, expand and collapse branches, drag and drop topics and images, insert content such notes, attachments, links, comments, and more.

The benefits of Co-Editing, aside from the obvious collaboration factor, are that it facilitates dynamic planning sessions, knowledge sharing, brainstorming, and more across departments, offices, and time zones. No longer do people need to send multiple, disparate versions of the same file to different people, all with different comments and edits. By keeping one version of a file where people can edit and discuss together in real-time, work gets done more quickly and teams stay more closely aligned. Many users report using conferencing services to enable conversation while in a co-editing session.

We encourage users to download their data before the end of the 2020 calendar year to mitigate any risks associated with the discontinuation of the service and to ensure that all data is backed up before it is no longer available.

To use the new Co-Editing service, users must first download their maps from Mindjet Connect and upload them to a supported cloud storage location (referred to as Places in MindManager). Supported Places include OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.

A landing page with links to a webinar, a migration guide, and other collateral will be available to provide general instructions and guidance for this process. Customers are also welcome to reach out to their account manager or customer service for additional support.

Please contact your account manager or reach out to our customer support team. Additionally, check the information available on the landing page, which gives an overview of co-editing and the migration to MindManager Enterprise.

Mindjet Tasks is being retired. You have the option of exporting tasks in your account to a CSV spreadsheet. For more information, refer to the migration guide.

In Project Director or Mindjet Connect, stored files must each be downloaded one by one. However, in MindManager 2020 Service Pack 1 for Windows, users are able to select multiple files at once for download.

If you or your team are on an earlier version, you can download the free 30-day trial of MindManager 2020, which will allow you to perform bulk downloads. Be aware to complete your downloads within the 30-day timeframe before the trial expires, or purchase the software. See the migration guide on the landing page for instructions on how to perform a bulk download.

Yes, we have created a landing page with complete details for the migration, including a simple to-do checklist, a migration guide, an on-demand how-to webinar, and more. You should download and backup your files by December 31st, 2020, when the service is scheduled to be discontinued.

Backed up files should then be stored on a supported cloud storage provider (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc) in order to use them with the new Co-Editing service. Please consult the landing page for details, and reach out to your account manager or customer support for further help.

We encourage all users to get on to the new Co-Editing platform as soon as possible as it is the next-generation service that will take us into 2021 and beyond. For questions or concerns about your subscription, kindly contact your account manager.

Co-Editing is a new service that is currently only available as an add-on service to MindManager 2020 for Windows. Having said that, Mac users can still join co-editing sessions started by MindManager Windows users as co-editing takes place within the user’s browser environment.

Yes! If you are a MindManager 2020 for Windows user with Co-Editing enabled, you can invite anyone you like to join your online co-editing sessions. Users can join from any supported browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

No, Co-Editing is currently only available as an add-on option to users of MindManager 2020 for Windows. However, anyone can join a co-editing session with a valid link.

Please reach out to your account manager or customer support. For contact information, please visit https://www.mindmanager.com/contact/.

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