EVENT - October 7th, 2015

[Recording] Strategic Business Planning - Success can be planned

The point of strategic business planning is rarely questioned. But the same cannot be said of the time and effort involved. This kind of thing is simply taken care of as a matter of course at larger companies – mostly during the last quarter of the year – but certainly not at many SMEs. There it’s more a case of whether business is going OK and people saying whether they are happy with the budget. As a result, many business managers are simply given a budget at the start of the year and left to consider how they can achieve their objectives for the year.

In this webinar the Management Consultant and Sales Coach Hans-Rudolf Dervey shows how both efficient and effective a result-oriented, qualitative business plan can be carried out by using a simple method and a strategy map created with MindManager.
The webinar thus aims at those business managers who receive little support from their company in the form of a regulated planning process or available planning tools, but will take this with personal responsibility and better results into their own hands. True to the motto “success can be planned”.

Speakers: Hans-Rudolf Dervey (Management Consultant and Sales Coach, BENEfit Coaching Team AG) and Dr. Steven Bashford (Director Technical Services EMEA at Mindjet)

Watch here.

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