[Recording] Working against the clock: The best features that MindManager offers to gain time

Do you feel as though you’re constantly running out of time to complete all your projects? Do you wonder how you can save time and be more effective?

According to a survey done by the US site salary.com in 2014, 89% of workers waste time at work on a daily basis. In fact, the survey shows that over 60% of respondents lose 30 minutes to an hour every day, 16% lose around two hours and 2% of respondents lose five hours or more per day. Among the leading causes affecting productivity are the high number of emails received and frequent meetings.

MindManager offers many features to help you better manage your time, your information, your meetings, and your projects, helping you be more productive during your working day.

Watch this webinar to learn how to save time:

  • in planning your work day & your appointments/meetings
  • in identifying your priorities
  • in organising and managing the different steps of a project
  • in researching and analysing information

We demonstrate the following features: map templates, map parts, Gantt charts, compatibility with Microsoft applications (Outlook, Word, Excel), and more.

This webinar is for everyone: non-users, beginners, intermediate and advanced users, individual users and users in a team.

Speaker: Teodora Gonzalez, Mindjet Consultant

Watch here. 

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