Problem Solving: The Ultimate Guide to Creative Problem Solving

Problems and challenges are an inevitable part of the human experience. These challenges can arise in virtually any aspect of our lives, including your business, workplace, home, and even in learning institutions. While some are easy to solve, others require more skills and thought to overcome.

They require the ability to identify solutions to the problems, creativity, intuitiveness, and confidence as you learn the most effective processes to overcome the obstacle. When life throws you a curveball, you need to have the necessary problem solving skills to deal with them effectively, fairly, and constructively. And this is the focus of this article. Here is the ultimate guide to creative problem solving.

Problem solving examples

Problem solving, by definition, refers to the act of discerning a problem and finding a solution to it.

Let's look at some problem solving examples.

How to set goals and expectations

Businesses, especially when new, face the problem of setting appropriate goals and expectations for their employees. However, businesses can solve the challenge by referring to job descriptions to ensure employees understand the basics and what is expected of them. Then, a business can convene a brainstorming session for special projects and do some goalsetting as a team.

Whether to focus on growth and quality

It can be a challenge to balance growth and quality, especially in a small business. However, you can solve such a problem by deciding on what is more important, between customer service and product or service perfection. Ideally, there is nothing like "perfection," and such could be a lousy decision you have to make. But small business owners, especially those starting, encounter this tough choice. Established businesses focus more on customers and let growth spring from prioritizing them first.

How to respond to the changing marketing environment

Marketing is not static but rather dynamic. Marketing tactics keep changing, and a business must respond to them to remain competitive. You can solve this problem by remaining true to your marketing plan that outlines your overall strategy. While hot and profitable trends will emerge, they fade with time, so pick the ones that suit your strategy without allowing yourself to be swept up.

Time management

Time management is a challenge to many people. Besides, it is among the most vexing work-related challenges for business owners. Solving time management challenges can make a big productivity difference in your business. You can properly manage your time by; creating a to-do list to help you stay focused, keeping track of all appointments in a calendar, setting asides particular blocks of time to reply to emails, and setting short breaks for a private think time.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Problem solving and critical thinking go hand in hand. The two refer to using knowledge, data, and facts to find effective solutions to problems. However, it does not mean you need immediate solutions; instead, you must have the ability to think, evaluate problems and find sustainable solutions.

Critical thinking skills are relevant for success in any path or profession. Even the World Economic Forum recognizes it among the most desirable skills to have among staff. With the future depending on technology, innovation, and information, critical thinking skills are necessary for fast-growing economies to solve problems effectively and quickly.

Critical thinking enhances problem solving skills in that one is patient and committed to finding solutions. An individual with critical thinking skills solves problems as part of their natural instinct. Therefore, critical thinkers are good at their duties and better at solving the world's biggest challenges.


Effective decision making can be difficult, especially with the competing interests and limited resources facing many businesses today. Therefore, creative problem solving is more important than ever. Fortunately, applying critical thinking to problem solving helps come up with the right solution for each challenge.

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