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Build better product roadmaps  

Build better product roadmaps  

Product roadmaps don't have to be complicated, but they do need to be detailed. By visually mapping out timelines and tasks, your product team gets a clear overview of upcoming projects.

Features like tasks, comments, sticky notes, and smart shapes provide a detailed view of every step of the process — including links to external documents. Streamline your product roadmap, so you can spend more time delivering high-value product updates.

Improve stakeholder communication

Improve stakeholder communication

With MindManager's custom templates and whiteboards, your team can easily share ideas, brainstorm, and keep track of upcoming sprints in one place. Using flowcharts, graphs, or whiteboards allows you to share key information with stakeholders in an easy-to-understand format.

Drill down to highlight key takeaways from customer surveys, competitor analysis, and custom support teams — then zoom out to show how product changes will impact the bottom line.

Real-time collaboration 

Real-time collaboration 

Product teams never sleep—neither should your collaboration tool. With features like customizable access levels and map-sharing capabilities, MindManager helps your team stay in sync, whether they work across the office or across the world.

By adjusting access, you ensure everyone can contribute according to their role and expertise, maximizing collaboration. Real-time updating means everyone can quickly see changes, empowering your team to deliver innovative solutions faster.

Advanced tools for product managers

MindManager helps product teams ditch unproductive meetings and complicated message threads. Instead, use customizable visual maps to instantly clarify goals, requirements, tasks, and priorities.

With advanced product management tools, robust integrations, and powerful search capabilities, MindManager helps teams collaborate seamlessly so you can save time, reduce miscommunications, and drive real results.

Powerful integrations for product teams

Connect your favorite tools with MindManager to unlock productivity and improve your workflow. MindManager connects with many of your favorite tools, including Microsoft, Zapier, Dropbox, and Jira.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Word (import/export)
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Project (Import/Export)

Unlock product team productivity with built-in templates

Templates are ready-made MindManager whiteboards that can be fully customized. Start with the format that works for your team, then add links, images, sticky notes, documents, and more.

Kanban board 

Kanban board 

The best part about Kanban boards is that they are easy to use. By organizing cards in labeled columns, your product team can quickly see where each piece of the project is, plan their daily workload, and find important documentation.

Better project visibility helps increase productivity and reduces backlogs.

Process map 

Process map 

Use the process map to create product road maps, outline customer journeys, or track workflows. Creating a visual map helps teams spot inefficiencies, improve collaboration, and keep stakeholders informed.

No more chasing down meeting minutes, trying to find lost documents, or wondering when the next sprint ends.

Workflow diagram 

Workflow diagram 

Organize your workflow into a visual map so the entire team can see exactly what needs to happen and when. With a full picture of the workflow process, you'll quickly spot inefficiencies, overlaps, or redundancies. Easily streamline your workflow and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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"A versatile and user-friendly mind mapping and project management tool."

- Johnathan L.

"Indispensable for project analysts and planners."

- Vaibhav B.
Geographic Information Sytems Analyst

"Great tool for brainstorming, planning, and organizing thoughts."

- Michelle F.
Senior Manager, PMO

Deliver products faster with MindManager

With MindManager, your product team spends less time searching for notes, explaining roadmaps, and delivering updates. Using our visual maps, your team can stay organized, better understand customer journeys, and keep stakeholders updated and engaged.

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