Productivity Software: What to Look for in Productivity Tools

Today, many people want to get more work done in the shortest and easiest way possible. With the rapid growth in technology, developers have created apps and programs that will optimize the user experience while getting more work done. As a result, there are many productivity tools in the market that promise to transform how we work and assist us in attaining the work-life balance we desire. In this article, we outline the process you should follow to choose the best one.

What is productivity software?

Productivity software simply means any application or program that enables one to produce or create, among others, graphs, databases, documents, presentations, audio or video clips, and worksheets. We commonly use productivity software in businesses and offices. Common types of productivity software include database management systems (DBMS), word processors, spreadsheet applications, and graphics software. In essence, productivity software assists people to perform assigned tasks in addition to enhancing communication and collaboration.

Initially, productivity software was for business use. Nowadays, various types are even used to achieve personal productivity as well. Most of the productivity software tools are now available on tablets and smartphones, besides just computers.

What to look for in productivity software

1. Reliability

It is enticing to purchase productivity software at a significantly lower price. But, always remember you will use it to store and share critical business or company data. Do not compromise the safety and security of your business data by picking unreliable productivity software, just because it is inexpensive.

2. Time monitoring capability

Time is a very precious asset, especially in business. For instance, you cannot afford to see your employees misuse their precious time, especially when you pay them hourly. With business productivity software that has a time tracking ability, you can better organize your team and time. This will not only save you money, but also time and productivity.

3. Employee tracking features

By properly monitoring your employees, you may increase their productivity around tasks. For instance, this may be easy if your employees work from their offices compared to when they work remotely at home. Therefore, when purchasing a business productivity tool, ensure it can effectively supervise your employees, whether they are working from home or at your company's physical office.

4. Multi-platform software compatibility

Your employees have different habits and preferences. When you are selecting your business productivity software, put this under consideration. For instance, your employees may prefer different devices or use distinct operating systems. Your productivity software should be compatible with a pool of operating systems.

5. Project management features

When choosing your business productivity software, pick the one that allows you to organize, delegate and supervise your projects. Pick a productivity tool that also updates you on project progress. Business productivity software that gives you complete control over your projects.

6. Accessibility

When choosing your business productivity tool, prioritize the one with a mobile version. Select business productivity software which you can access via the web besides the iOS and Android devices. By this, you can easily access your business data from anywhere, at any time.

7. Profitability

When planning to purchase productivity software, invest your time on doing a cost-benefit analysis to determine if it is the right solution. You should especially consider the benefits it brings against its cost of acquisition and maintenance. Analyze and figure out if investing in your preferred productivity tool provides more value that can cover the correlated expenses. Having a budget is necessary to keep you in check to avoid investing your money, time, and energy over wrong products. Consider productivity software with the highest return.


If you need productivity software for your business, company, or personal use, ensure it not only satisfies your needs but also aligns with your goal. At MindManager, we offer a business productivity tool that brings clarity and structure to your processes, projects, and plans.

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