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A flowchart is a visual representation of a process or workflow where each step is displayed as a symbol containing a short description.
Each of these steps are connected with arrows to show the direction your process flows.

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Why use Flowcharts?

A flowchart is a great way to communicate processes without using jargon or getting too technical.
Flowcharts are used primarily for explaining concepts to others who may not be well-versed in the subject matter. Since the process is laid out visually, it’s much easier to form solid understandings.

Why use MindManager as your Flowchart Tool

1. More Powerful Sharing with HTML5

2. Powerful Integrations – With apps like, Asana, Google Docs, Google Docs, Box, or OneDrive

3. Better Project Planning & Management

4. More Visual – With over 700 topic images added to the Image Library

5. More Convenient – Quickly store, retrieve, and share MindManager files using simplified file management

MindManager is one of the best flowchart creators on the market. With the powerful features and tools listed above and many more you will be creating flowchats in no time!

How to make a flowchart

  1. Create a list of steps for your chosen process.
  2. For your starting position, create a circle that contains a word or description.
  3. Using arrows to represent the direction your process flows, link each step in the appropriate order.
  4. Steps should be represented as rectangles with short descriptions inside.
  5. If you come to a place in your process where a decision needs made, use a diamond shape.
  6. Various arrows can extend from the diamond depending on the decision made.
  7. The end of your process should be marked with another circle and concluding description.

Get started fast with templates!

MindManager comes pre-installed with many templates for you to choose from. To use these templates:

  1. Open MindManager
  2. Click NEW in the navigation menu
  3. Select the template you want to use
  4. A preview screen will appear, check to if you want to use your selected template
  5. Select Create Map
  6. Customize the template for your specific project

Create more than just flowcharts with MindManager

Use MindManager for more than just make flowcharts, with MindManager you can create org charts, mind maps, visual maps, mental maps, and so much more!

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