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MindManager is a powerful suite of intuitive visualization products that helps individuals and teams think more clearly, make better decisions, and get on the path to personal and organizational success.​

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Information is essential, but it’s also overwhelming. Take control of the information you need by transforming scattered ideas and data into dynamic visual mind maps, flowcharts, concept maps, matrices, and other diagrams.

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"With MindManager, I can confidently provide first-rate project management services to multiple clients. For the past twelve years, it has never failed me."

Jeff Kearns

Jeff Kearns, CD, rmc, PEng, PMP
Principal Consultant and Senior Project Manager
T.J. Kearns Consulting Inc.

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Organizing your thoughts and ideas in MindManager gives you the freedom to stay sharp and at your best. It’s a fast and intuitive solution that adapts to you, with a familiar user interface that’s easy to learn. So get in the driver’s seat, take control, and add a burst of fun to your everyday.

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Dynamic Views
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Excel Export & Data Mapper
Map Roll Ups
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Ignite teamwork & innovation

Cross-platform co-editing
Multi-User MindManager Snap
MindManager for Microsoft Teams
Slides & Presentations
Publishing & Sharing
Content Control

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Visualization clarifies thoughts, bolsters concentration, and causes distractions to fall away. It helps people to free their mind from perceived obstacles and “get in the flow”. That’s when plans take shape, better decisions are made, and results are improved.​

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