A visual work management solution can help you and your team quickly adapt, thrive, stay close and move business forward while working remotely.

Watch this webinar with visual thinking expert Nick Duffill to see how your team can:

  • Maximize productivity by visually organizing tasks and daily schedules
  • Centralize critical team and project information in a single visual dashboard everyone can access
  • Lead dynamic, engaging virtual meetings utilizing a cloud-based collaborative “whiteboard”
  • And much more!

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Remote Work Support Kit

A curated collection of resources from MindManager and around the web to help you and your team make the shift to remote work painless, seamless, & successful.

Collaborative whiteboarding

Bringing your brainstorm into the digital realm

Fear not! You can still brainstorm without your meeting room whiteboard and post-it notes. In fact, digital brainstorming brings its own set of unique benefits.

Group brainstorming for team connection

Brainstorming together as a team will allow for a welcome team connection for remote workers. There are a number of popular tools and techniques that you can try with your team.

Remote team communications

Sometimes it needs to get personal

Developing strong relationships and keeping communications open can require more focused effort and ensuring you don’t lose the personal touch. Team leaders new to remote work can grab some clever tips from seasoned pros.

Respecting deep work

When communication channels are not clearly managed, the work day can quickly dissolve into a long series of disruptions with no time for deep work. Asynchronous communications is the secret to success.

Virtual meeting management

Multitasking is your enemy

Meetings take a downward spiral once multitasking is allowed. Many team leaders will insist on video or even assign a Yoda to keep this from happening. You should too.

Put visualization to work for you

Keeping a meeting moving with a visual tool helps keep everyone engaged and actively following along. Learn how you can use a map before, during and after a meeting.

Personal & team task management

Task management becomes critical

A home office can present a variety of new distractions that can lag on productivity. Give yourself a refresher on task management techniques and systems to combat this.

Personal productivity can skyrocket

Many long-term remote workers attest that their personal productivity is at an all-time high. Aerospace Engineer and Project Manager Adam Cherrill shares his experience in this webinar.

Centralizing team knowledge

Knowledge management is a must

While you might have the advantage of being able to ask Susan where a file is kept when you’re working in-office, remote work makes careful management of digital knowledge a must.

How to map your team’s knowledge

A weak spot for many organizations is knowledge management, with its common challenges. Knowledge mapping is an efficient (and dare we say, fun!) way to centralize your team’s wisdom.

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