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Task and project managementTask and project management


Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is a project management tool that shows tasks, activities, or events across a specific timeframe.


Kanban board

A Kanban board is a project management tool used for workflow visualization.


Timeline chart

Timeline charts are highly versatile visual charts that are used to illustrate a set of events chronologically.


Pert chart

A Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) chart is a project management tool used to organize and schedule out tasks.


CPM charts

CPM, which stands for Critical Path Method, is an algorithm of resource utilization that schedules project activities.



Strategy map

A strategy map is a visualization tool that helps organizations see their main goals and how they connect and relate to each other.


Concept map

A concept map is a way to visually display the relationships between different concepts, ideas, and pieces of information.


Thought map

A thought map is a visual way to document existing knowledge about a particular subject or topic.


Life map

A life map is a timeline that includes key moments from the past, helping you gain a broader perspective of the goals you're trying to achieve.


Visual map

Visual mapping is an image of an idea — a network of suggestions and options that spreads out from an original word or phrase.


Digital Vision Board

Whether you need inspiration or organization at work, in your personal life, or for a particular project, digital vision boards, creating a digital vision board in MindManager can help make it happen.


Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder mapping is the process of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the needs of stakeholders interested in or impacting a project.

Problem solving and decision makingProblem solving and decision making


Venn diagram

A Venn diagram illustrates the relationships between two or more data sets. 


Matrix diagram

A matrix diagram is a project management and planning tool for displaying and analyzing the relationships between two or more data sets.


Mental map

A mental map represents a person's perception of their surroundings. 


Ishikawa diagram

An Ishikawa diagram is designed to show the potential causes of a specific event or process. 


Fishbone diagram

A fishbone diagram is a visualization tool used in business to identify and investigate the many possible causes of a particular event.


Decision tree

A decision tree is a type of flowchart you can use to visualize a decision-making process.


Cause and effect diagrams

A cause and effect diagram (also known as Ishikawa, fishbone, or tree diagram) presents the causes of the root problem.


SIPOC diagram

A SIPOC diagram is used in business to provide a high-level representation of a process to show how you can improve it.



Whiteboard template

Brainstorming and collaboration made simple with whiteboard templates


Mind map

A mind map is a non-linear visual diagram that organizes and links the concepts related to a particular topic.


Bubble map

A bubble map is a visual representation of a noun surrounded by adjectives that can be used to describe it.


Spider diagram

A spider diagram organizes and displays data in a logical, visual way.


Idea map

An idea map is a visual representation of your thinking process.

Organizing dataOrganizing data


Onion diagram

An onion diagram is a chart that shows the dependencies and relationships between the different parts of a process or organization.


Tree diagram

A tree diagram allows users to visualize possible outcomes and probabilities for a given situation.


Knowledge map

A knowledge map is a visual aid that shows where knowledge can be found within a group.


Organizational chart

An organizational chart is a visual diagram that shows how work flows through an organization.


Web diagram

A web diagram is a visualization of how things are connected.


Functional chart

A functional chart (or org chart) organizes workers in a business based on skills, expertise, and specialty.


Family Tree Maker

A family tree diagram is a visual representation that shows the relationship between family members, including stepparents, grandparents, siblings, and other relatives.

Process mappingProcess mapping



Flowcharts are a visual representation of processes or workflows.


Workflow diagram

Workflow diagrams visually represent a business process, project, or job.


Swim lane diagram

Swim lane diagrams are flowcharts that show a process from start to finish.


Process map

A process map is a visual representation of a task, process, or workflow.


Activity diagram

An activity diagram is a type of UML flowchart that shows the flow from one activity to another in a system or process.


Funnel chart

A funnel chart demonstrates data flow through a linear, sequential process within a sales pipeline.


Customer journey map

A customer journey map is a visual tool that illustrates a customer's experience with a business from the moment they start interacting with the brand to the end of their journey.


User flow diagram

User flow diagrams are visual representations of the steps a user takes when interacting with a website or mobile application to complete a task.

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