How Visualization Leads to Better Project Management

White Paper on Visual and Flexible Project Management with MindManager

Whitepaper Projectmanagement: Seeing is Succeeding

According to the Standish Group and the Project Management Institute, 24–68% of all projects fail, and a far larger number are either delayed or run over budget.

Why do so many projects miss the mark? The reasons are countless, but a few culprits present themselves again and again: inadequate definition of objectives and requirements in the initial planning stages, lack of upfront stakeholder agreement on goals and priorities, expectations not clearly communicated and universally understood, etc.

For these reasons, today’s project managers increasingly need to find innovative methods of preparing project data that give all team members a clear and transparent overview of the project structure, the requirements and expectations, the most important processes, resources and schedules, and their interrelationships.

Download this white paper which describes a software-based method that leverages information visualization and dynamic information management to help project managers achieve these goals — and consequently, to significantly increase the success rate of the projects.

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