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Often used for managing projects, Gantt charts are effective ways of displaying multiple actions over the course of time.
Horizontal lines are used to show how far along a project is, or how much work has been completed for specific tasks.

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Why make Gantt Charts?

When working on complex projects, it can be difficult to keep track of how time is being managed and where the process is every step of the way. Gantt charts reduce a lot of this uncertainty by visually displaying what activities are being worked on and how each task is progressing.
Since all work is broken down visually, everyone on the project can keep track of what has been finished, what needs attention, and how close they are to completion.

Why use MindManager as your Gantt Chart Maker

1. More Powerful Sharing with HTML5

2. Powerful Integrations – With apps like, Asana, Google Docs, Google Docs, Box, or OneDrive

3. Better Project Planning & Management

4. More Visual – With over 700 topic images added to the Image Library

5. More Convenient – Quickly store, retrieve, and share MindManager files using simplified file management

MindManager is one of the best gantt chart creators on the market. With the powerful features and tools listed above and many more you will be creating gantt charts in no time!

How to make a Gantt Chart

  1. Start by identifying the timeframe of your project (a start and end date).
  2. On the left side of your chart, create a column of tasks.
  3. For each task, list due dates and other milestones to reach.
  4. Use different colored bars to show the duration of each task.

Get started fast with templates!

MindManager comes pre-installed with many templates for you to choose from. To use these templates:

  1. Open MindManager
  2. Click NEW in the navigation menu
  3. Select the template you want to use
  4. A preview screen will appear, check to if you want to use your selected template
  5. Select Create Map
  6. Customize the template for your specific project

Create more than just gantt charts with MindManager

Use MindManager for more than just build gantt charts, with MindManager you can create tree diagrams, workflow diagrams, swim lane diagrams, timeline charts, and so much more!

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