On-Demand Webinar

5 Ways to Optimise your Work with Flowcharts & Diagrams [May 2016]

Remember the old marketing adage, show don’t tell? Flowcharts can help you clearly demonstrate how a process works in a glance. While visually presenting flows and connections they can also help everyone easily follow the same steps to better achieve a common goal.

Watch our webinar to discover 5 ways to optimise your work with flowcharts & diagrams:

  • Model complex and basic workflows
  • Improve existing workflows
  • Identify stakeholder roles and interactions
  • Clearly define internal procedures
  • Meet regulatory requirements

With MindManager for Windows, making visual flowcharts and other step by step diagrams has never been easier.

Date: May 2016
Presenter: Aaron Rodericks, Customer Success Manager
Duration: Duration: 1 hour (including 15 minutes of questions & answers

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