On-Demand Webinar

Create Engaging & Memorable Presentations with Mind Maps [July 2016]

All of us have experienced presentations that seem to go on forever – those ones in which the presenter is focused on his notes and the audience gradually loses the attention. This could happen even after spending hours preparing the presentation and trying to make it as clear as possible.

We are happy to dedicate this session on how to create engaging and memorable presentations using the visual approach of mind maps.

Our objective is to help you captivate your audience with visual and clear presentations that you can easily build thanks to MindManager.

MindManager enables you to brainstorm, capture your best ideas, organise and structure them. You can then turn your ideas into works of art by adding images, icons, markers and using different topic layouts as a start! The content you have created can then be presented in different modes available in MindManager (Slides, Walk Through mode, Export to PowerPoint).

Date July 2016
Speaker Aaron Rodericks, Customer Success Manager Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, MindManager at Mindjet
Duration 45 minutes (including a session of questions & answers)
Audience anyone who prepares and/or delivers presentations

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