On-Demand Webinar

Dashboard Wizard: Your wish is your map's command [November 2017]

Make your dashboards come alive with our new Conditional Formatting tool. Trigger dynamic changes in topic shape, color and more, in response to fluctuations in whatever data you choose — so you can instantly understand and react to new developments in a plan, project or your business, without having to read a word.

You will learn during the webinar how to:

  • Program your maps to tell a living, real-time story about your project or business
  • Manage exceptions, understand and mitigate risks, and equip yourself for faster action and smarter decisions
  • Set criteria based on a variety of values including topic text values and attributes, task info, markers, properties and more
The webinar is interesting for: all those who are interested in the new MindManager 2018 for Windows and the new features of MindManager Enterprise
Date: November 2017
Speakers: Nick Duffill, Principal at Harport Consulting & Dr. Steven Bashford, Director Technical Services EMEA, Mindjet

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