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Flowcharts and Concept Maps with MindManager 2016 for Windows [November 2015]

New versions of MindManager Windows and MindManager Enterprise provide new visualisation capabilities. In addition to working with mind maps, you can easily create different types of diagrams and concept maps. With these new releases, you can document your business processes and workflows, your IT systems or other step-by-step illustrations using MindManager diagrams (flowcharts, decision diagrams, swim lane charts, etc.). Whether simple or complex, processes can be easily represented in a MindManager diagram, that you can enhance with colours, markers, icons, attachments… to gather all relevant information in a single view. Concept maps allow you to organise and structure knowledge by depicting relationships.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How to create diagrams and concept maps with MindManager 2016 for Windows and MindManager Enterprise
  • How to complete your diagrams with notes, tasks, markers and any other type of content
  • How to use the filter, index and search options
  • How to combine diagrams and mind maps in a single view

During this webinar we are giving examples of professional situations in which diagrams and concept maps can be used.

Date: November 2015
Speaker: Teodora Gonzalez, Mindjet Consultant
This webinar is for everyone: non-users, beginners, intermediate and advanced users, individual users and users in a team.

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